About Us

About Us

Underwater Pool Specialist

UPS is a family owned and operated business with over eight years’ experience that specializes in underwater pool repairs, underground water leak detection and repairs, pipe laying and rectifications, routine and under water pool maintenance (cleaning and repairs).

The company is based in the UAE and Philippines.
We are the pioneer company in the UAE to use underwater tools and techniques to clean and repairs the swimming pool without draining. We are servicing 24/7 all of UAE’s 7 Emirates and Philippines, with the most professional and highly skilled team utilizing only the best and state of the art equipment such as Acoustic Sonar Device, Tracer Gas, CCTV Pipe Inspection Cameras, Underwater Equipment and Pneumatic Tools and Non-Toxic Materials

Our main priority is to give economical solutions to solve your underground water leaks, swimming pool, pipe and drainage problems, big or small, that would definitely save your time, money and most importantly water.

Our mission:

Provide proficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions in solving underground water leaks, swimming pool, pipe and drainage problems. Our outmost goal is to help save time, money and water with our services

Our vision:

Service all of our clients like family.

Our Clients